Leonidas Alexandrou

Founder Of Human Capital Associates I High Performance Training I DBA, Doctorate In Business Administration, SDA Bocconi University

Navigating Successful Multigenerational Workforce

As an expert on navigating a successful multigenerational workforce, Leonidas’ speech will focus on the challenges and opportunities that arise when multiple generations are working together in the same organization.

He will highlight the unique traits and characteristics of each generation, and how they can be leveraged to create a cohesive, productive team.

He will also discuss the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution in a multigenerational workplace.

Ultimately, his speech will argue that by embracing the strengths of each generation and fostering a culture of respect and understanding, organizations can create a thriving multigenerational workforce that benefits both employees and the organization as a whole.

Born in South Africa to Cypriot parents, Leonidas Alexandrou is a high-performance trainer, management consultant and youth mentor based in Nicosia. Having spent over two decades working with legacy companies in the UK, Cyprus and the Gulf, Leonidas is passionate about futurism and innovation, lifelong learning, and behavioral psychology. Leonidas scholarly pursuits at SDA Bocconi School of Management are focused on investigating the diverse generational representation in the workforce and identifying strategies to enhance their productivity. Leonidas mission is to support every professional he trains to overcome their limiting beliefs, express their latent talent, and release their individual excellence.


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